Scent Detection Classes

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*Please note: at the moment we can only allow one handler per dog in classes to allow for proper social distancing during class. Masks are required inside the facility*

Registration Calendar

Intro to Scent Detection

Start Date:    

                    Tuesday, November 17 at 7:15pm *FULL*

                    Thursday, November 26 at 10:00am (no class Dec 24 and 31) *One spot left*

                    Tuesday, Dec 1 at 8:30pm (no class Dec 29)


 $220+tax for six weeks

Come learn all about the game of scent detection! Your dog will learn to find hidden odour in boxes and then tell you which box has the hidden scent, just like the working drug detection canines do! 

This class will introduce your dog to the odours used by the Canadian Kennel Club and the Sporting Detection Dog Association. As well as beginning the process of teaching you to see how your dog changes behaviour when they’ve found the scent. Learning will focus on container searches (searching boxes and/or Rubbermaid bins) and building your dog’s enthusiasm for the game. We will used reward-based training, so bring your dog’s favourite toy or treats to the class. We will also start training your dog’s indication behaviour, which they will use to tell you when they have found the source of the odour. All searches will be done inside. At the end of this session, there will be an opportunity to participate in a Designated Odour Test (DOT)

There are no prerequisites for this class! Any dog can attend.

Novice/Advanced Scent Detection

Start Date:   


                    Monday, January 4 at 7:00pm


$220+tax for six weeks

Once your dog can search containers, and successfully indicate where the odour is, we will up the ante. This level will focus on adding distractions to the container searches, as well as introduce area searches (using objects and/or furniture in a given space to hide the odour). We will also continue to solidify your dog’s alert behaviour, so that you are confident when your dog tells you where the odour is. Depending on the abilities of the participants, we may include exterior and/or vehicle searches. We will discuss the various organizations that offer opportunities to play with scent detection in Alberta, and talk about similarities and differences between them.

Excellent Level Scent Detection

Start Date:

                    Monday, January 4 at 5:45pm 

$220+tax for six weeks

This level will include multi-area searches, as well as searches for multiple hides, higher hides and search areas with additional distractions. We will also do some exterior and/or vehicle hides, to get the dogs used to working outside, which has its own inherent distractions. We will work on threshold hides, search patterns and trial preparation.