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Our Instructors

Kim Boyes

Founder/Owner of Hyper Hounds

Monday evening, Tuesday-Friday daytime Agility instructor 

Kim's Dogs

Kim Boyes has been teaching group and private lessons for over 20 years. Her methods are based on proven positive training techniques by the world's top trainers and behaviourists. Kim strongly believes in continuing education and has attended seminars and clinics from some of the best in the training industry. Kim attends a minimum of three seminars a year to keep her skills current and provide the most up to date methods for her students. She has had the privilege of learning from many talented trainers such as Justine Davenport, Jessica Patterson, Rebecca McKay, Wendy Willemse, Kathy Keats, Terry Simons, Kim Collins, Thomas Traj, Ian Dunbar, Marcy Mantell, Pat Miller, Janice Gunn, Sue Ailsby, Sarah Stremming and many more.

Kim was a CARO rally obedience judge for 10 years, and is currently a CGN evaluator, and a CWAGS scent detection judge. Kim's dogs have earned over 150 titles in six different sports and have been ranked in the top ten multiple times on the regional and national level. Kim has also had the privilege of representing Canada twice at the FCI World Agility Championships.

Kim started in dog sports with an American Eskimo and a Labrador Retriever. She now competes with three Shetland Sheepdogs, and she has a Border Collie in training.


  • 2014, 2018, 2019 CKC FCI Agility World Team Member (a small and medium dog for 2018 & 2019)
  • Winner of the small and medium division at the 2019 AWC/EO Try Outs
  • Highest scoring overall dog of 2019 AAC Agility Regional Championships
  • 3 time AAC National Agility Champion (2010, 2015, 2017)
  • 5 time AAC Regional Agility Champion (2012 Alberta, 2016 BC, 2017, 2018, 2019 Alberta)
  • CKC Top Dog award for a Multi Discipline dog for 2018
  • Ranked in the top ten agility dogs in Canada for CKC from 2011-2016, 2018
  • 2008 #1 APDT Rally Obedience Dog in Canada
  • Perfect score of 200 in formal obedience
  • Multiple High in Trial wins in formal obedience
  • DogSafe Canine First aid course

Amie Barnes, RVT KPA-CTP

Tuesday & Wednesday Puppy Kindergarten, Pet Manners classes, 

Scent Detection instructor

Amie Barnes been training dogs since 2003. She began training dogs as part of the Animal Health Technology (AHT) program at Olds College. While completing the AHT program, Amie fell in love with Wrecks, a large mix breed rescue in the program with dog reactivity and separation anxiety issues. Working through his issues got her hooked on positive dog training and dogs with special needs. Wrecks was also Amie's first competition dog, participating in agility and rally obedience. Amie's next dog, Ousa, a Golden Retriever, came into her life when Wrecks was retired due to hip dysplasia. Amie and Ousa competed in AAC and CKC agility, and CARO, APDT and CKC Rally Obedience. Amie now shares her life with Juno, a rescue Shetland Sheepdog, who came with many behavioural issues that Amie worked through in their first year together. Juno is now training in agility, rally obedience and nosework. Juno is currently competing in CWAGS, SDDA and UKC Nosework as well as CWAGS Obedience and CARO Rally Obedience.  A second Shetland Sheepdog has recently joined her family, Seeker, who will be trained for "all the sports" as he grows up!

Amie also shares a passion for education and has completed the well known Karen Pryor Academy for Dog Trainers and she is an Animal Health Technologist. She has attended numerous workshops and seminars by world renowned trainers such as: Kathy Sdao, Sue Ailsby, Dr. Karen Overall, Susan Garrett, Emma Parsons, Sophia Yin, Brenda Aloff and many more. Amie is also a Fenzi Dog Sport junkie and is often enrolled in multiple online courses at any time.


  • Top 10 APDT Rally Obedience dog in 2008
  • 3 time AAC National Championship qualifier
  • Multi High in Class awards in CKC Rally Obedience
  • Multiple High in Class wins in SDDA nosework

Emily Orton

Saturday Agility Instructor

Emily has always had a strong passion for dogs and started agility as a junior handler with a little mixed breed dog. As an adult Emily now shares her life with two rough collies and a rescue border collie part time.  Emily recently added a Shetland Sheepdog to her family as well.  The collies currently compete at the Masters level in AAC, CKC and UKI agility and CKC Rally Obedience. Emily believes in taking a positive approach to teaching and training both dogs and people. Believing agility should be fun for everyone! A strong belief in constant improvement, Emily attends multiple seminars and classes to stay current on new trends and advancing training methods. Emily has attended seminars with Jessica Patterson, Shauna Oliver, Rebecca McKay, Marcy Mantell and more.


  • Number one and number three Agility Rough Collies in Canada for 2018
  • 3rd and 4th place overall at the 2018 AAC Alberta Regional Championships (20" specials)
  • AAC National Championship qualifier with both dogs for 2018
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Course

Kelly Ladouceur

Monday Scent Detection Instructor

Kelly Ladouceur has been involved in dog sports for more than 20 years. She breeds and competes with American Cocker Spaniels in a number of activities, including conformation, rally, obedience, scent detection, scent hurdle, trick training and therapy work. She has been involved with scent detection since attending one of the first seminars offered in Alberta six years ago. She took part in the first scent detection trial in Alberta (held through the Sporting Detection Dog Association - SDDA) and has continued to attend, as well as organize, scent detection competitions across the province. She is a CKC, AKC and C-WAGS scent detection judge, as well as a pending SDDA judge. Her Cocker Spaniel Jack Jack was the first of his breed to earn Started, Advanced and Excellent scent detection titles through the SDDA. She has assisted with teaching scent detection classes at various levels, as well as teaching rally obedience and CGN classes, and is looking forward to introducing you and your dog to the fun game of scent detection!


  • #3 Cocker Spaniel in CKC Obedience – 2017
  • In the top 5 Cocker Spaniels for CKC Rally Obedience – 2011-2013, 2016, 2018
  • First Cocker Spaniel to earn a CKC Rally Master title
  • First Cocker Spaniel to earn the following SDDA titles – SD-S, SD-A and SD-E
  • First Cocker Spaniel to earn a CKC Scent Detection Novice title
  • Do More With Your Dog trick titles – Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Excellent
  • AKC Trick Dog Titles – Novice, Intermediate, Performer
  • Specialty High In Trial Winner – AKC Obedience
  • Multi High In Class Winner – CKC and AKC obedience and rally obedience

Lauren Hutton

Agility Junior Handler instructor

Lauren Hutton has always been passionate when it comes to working with, and training dogs. Her passion for dog agility started at the age of 6 years old with her papillon Monty, who is now retired. Lauren and Monty succeeded in agility and attained all their masters championship titles as well as having qualified for national championships multiple years in a row. After a few years, Lauren wanted to move even further into the sport of agility and ended up training and competing with her next dog Bolt, a shetland sheepdog. Bolt and Lauren became very involved in the sport and won 2nd at the Alberta Regionals Championships in both 2016 and 2017, as well as became the #1 junior handler in Alberta. Unfortunately her sheltie Bolt faced a serious injury in 2017 and is now playing just for fun. Lauren is now training her up and coming sheltie McFly who will start competing in 2019 with the goal to make it to the Canadian agility team. Lauren has a strong belief in positive reinforcement training and has stayed up to date on all the current training methods by attending seminars and workshops with Jessica Patterson, Justine Davenport, Rebecca McKay, Shauna Oliver, Zeljko Gora, Marcy Mantell and many more.

Lauren has also dabbled in obedience and movie dog training. Her papillon can be spotted in multiple commercials and tv shows broadcasted across canada.


  • Masters Junior Handler of Canada
  • 3rd in Alberta Regional Championships 10” specials 2016
  • 2nd in Alberta 6” and 10” specials 2017
  • 4th In Canadian National championship Juniors
  • #1 Junior Handler in Alberta 

Paula Collins, CPDT-KA

Jump Foundations, K9 Tricks, and "Get in the Game" Instructor 

Paula Collins started teaching group classes 25 years ago. She is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed) using scientifically based positive training techniques that have origins in the field of Marine Mammal training. Continuing education is a big part of not only maintaining a CPDT-KA certification but also a personal passion. Paula attends positive dog training conferences and seminars with presenters including Dave Munnings, Kim Collins, Tomas Traj, Dave Munnings, Anthony Clarke, Global Judging Program, Sarah Stremming, Nicole Wilde, Ken Ramirez, Michele Pouliot, Kathy Sdao, Terry Ryan, Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Susa Ailsby, Susan Garrett and more. Paula is also a Level 1 Tag Teach trainer (human training methodology) as well as an adult educator in her past life in the Safety Training field. Paula participates regularly in Fenzi online classes.

Paula is a FitPaws Master Trainers and is close to completing her CCFT (Certified Canine Fitness Coach) through the University of Tennessee.

Paula began competing with dogs in the 80’s with her Belgian Tervurens, followed by smaller mixed breed rescues and now is training her Border Collie puppy. Paula has competed and titled in AAC, UKI, USDAA and NADAC agility, APDT Rally-O, CARO Rally-O, Scenthurdle, CKC Obedience and Flyball. As well as participating with one of her Belgians in the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dog Program. Paula is the multiyear Manager of the WAO (World Agility Open) Team Canada.

Recently Paula has completed the Global Judging Level 2 Assessment program and earned the status of Affiliate Judge in the Global Judging Program. This is an International program to accredit Agility Judges to the highest level available in the world. This program focuses on elements such as Safety, Course Design, Judges Path, Accurate Calls and more. At this time there are only 4 Agility judges in Canada that have received accreditation with the Global Judging Program.

Paula is a member of the AAC JSAC (Judges Standing Advisory Committee) and is participating in projects to increase the level of education available to judges.


  • Multiple years AAC Regional Champion and podium placements.
  • Multiple years AAC National Podium placement.
  • Multiple UKI Cup placements and UKI National Podium Placements.
  • First 2 dogs in Canada to obtain the highest titles in APDT Rally-O.
  • CARO Rally-O Excellent with Magnum Cum Lada designation.
  • Global Judging Program Affiliate Judge
  • AAC Masters Judge
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid course

Bonnie Benson, DCBC

Sunday Puppy Kindergarten & Pet Manners Instructor

Bonnie's love of dog training all started when a little black tri Mini Australian Shepherd puppy pushed her way through her litter mates and claimed Bonnie as her person. Tia came home that day and changed Bonnie’s life forever. Five months after Tia joined the Benson's, the family grew by a little blue merle puppy named Zoe. Now their little pack was complete.

Knowing that her dogs loved to learn and with the desire to use only positive training methods, Bonnie enrolled in Rally Obedience and Flyball courses with a local positive trainer. As her dogs happily engaged and grew in this setting, Bonnie's desire to learn more about positive training methods lead her to enroll in the Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant program. The Dogma program is a comprehensive dog training apprenticeship program that included over 400 hours of classroom theory, observation and class assistance. Topics included canine communications, learning theory, positive training methods, reactivity and aggression, Pet First Aid and more. Bonnie has since graduated from the program and is excited to share her passion for dog training with the pet parents of Calgary.

Bonnie has attended seminars in a number of different disciplines including agility (Kim Collins, Stephan Henry and Jessica Patterson), Frisbee (Marion Paulson, Kara and Shawn Bellingham) and Behaviour/Aggression in Dogs with Michael Shikashio and Trish McMillan Loehr.

Bonnie actively competes in Rally Obedience at the excellent level, Frisbee, Agility and Trick competitions


  • Cynosport Rally 2108 – Ranked 7th (Zoe) and 10th (Tia) in Canada
  • Cynosport Rally 2018 – Ranked Top 18 RL2 (Zoe)
  • Do More With Your Dog (DMWYD) – Advanced Trick Titles
  • Qualified to participate in the US at 2019 UpDif in Frisbee
  • Twice have won the Indomitable Unicorn Award at Frisbee – given to the dog and handler that are considered impossible to subdue or defeat 
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Course

Laurie Albright

Thursday-Saturday Rally Obedience and Pet Manners instructor

Laurie Albright has been teaching, training and trialing for over 20 years. Combining solid science with common sense she's helped her students to reach their goals - whether competitive or 'daily living'! Competing with a variety of breeds herself (Dalmatians, Australian Shepherds and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels), she's learned to think 'outside the box' and adjust her training to meet the needs of the dog. Her motto is "it has to be fun for everyone"!

Laurie has titled dogs conformation, obedience, rally obedience, agility, scent hurdle racing and more. Laurie was a judge for CKC and CARO rally obedience for many years


  • Multi High in Class and High in Trial wins for obedience and rally obedience

Andrea Norris

Sunday & Wednesday evening Agility Instructor

Andrea has always loved dogs and dog training ever since seeing the SuperDogs at the Calgary Stampede as a child. The passion grew with a job in the pet industry, then discovering dog sports and finally beginning to teach training classes for the past 5 years. During the past 10 years she’s gotten involved in the dog sport world, training in agility and nosework and dabbling in rally obedience and disc.

Andrea currently competes in AAC Agility. She started competing with Baxter, her now retired Tibetan Spaniel, proving you don’t need an “agility breed” to be successful! Andrea has trialed her veteran dogs to their Agility Championship titles (ATChC) and has had success competing on both Regional and National levels; winning Regionals multiple times with multiple dogs and placing 2nd at Nationals in 2013. 

Her two youngest dogs, Nike a Mini Aussie and Sizzle a Shetland Sheepdog are training and will start trialing soon.

Continuing education is very important to Andrea and she attends seminars and online lessons with Jessica Patterson, Marcy Mantel, Sarah Stremming and Daisy Peel among others. She also participates regularly in online classes and workshops with the Fenzi Dog Sport Academy.

Agility and positive, science based dog training has made such an amazing difference in her dogs’ lives. She is very excited to bring her skills and enthusiasm to Hyper Hounds to help show the kind of partnership you can have with your dog.


  • 4 time winner of AAC Agility Regional Championships (2013, 2015, 2 dogs winning in 2016)
  • 2nd place finish at AAC National Championships in 2013
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Course

Barbara Walmer

Thursday Competition Obedience Instructor

Barbara has been training dogs for over 25 years, ranging from working in a vet clinic to animal shelter work, to teaching group training classes and providing private behaviour consults. Barbara is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPDT-KSA), a Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine Knowledge Assessed (CBCC-KA), an Associated Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (ACDBC), a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), Fear Free Certified Practitioner, a Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Level 2, and a TAGteach Level 1.

Just as important as her training acumen is Barbara’s dedication to and skill working with human clients. Barbara believes the key to successful dog training is proper support of the humans who love the dogs. And so, Barbara has dedicated herself to developing teaching, coaching, and support skills to set our human clients up for maximum success.

Barbara can’t get enough of training, so her free time is largely spent training and competing with her own dogs. She has CKC Obedience Trial Championship titles on 5 dogs, earning over 30 High in Trials, and even a perfect 200 score. She and her dogs have also earned titles in field, rally, and agility. Barbara currently enjoys living with three Goldens, a Labrador, a Cornish Rex cat, and a Papillion, who rules the roost.


  • OTCH (Obedience Champion title) on 5 different dogs
  • Perfect score of 200 
  • 30+ High in Trial wins
  • DogSafe Canine First Aid Course

The Competition Obedience classes are assisted by:

Ellen Kovar and Jennifer Richards

Ellen and Jenny share their love of and success in competition obedience with students in our competition obedience classes. They offer Barbara assistance during classes as needed, and occasionally may even teach a class for Barbara. Ellen has multiple competition obedience accomplishments include CKC Obedience Trial Championship titles, earning multiple High in Trials. Jenny has also earned a CKC Obedience Trial Championship and is still working towards earning her elusive High in Trial. Both Ellen and Jenny thrive on helping our students accomplish their own goals, which is backed by their training as Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (KPA CTP).  

Megan Crane

Saturday Flyball and Pet Obedience Instructor

Megan Crane has been training and competing in various dog events for nearly 20 years. She has titled dogs in Conformation, Rally Obedience, Flyball, Agility, Earthdog, Barn Hunt, Disc, Herding and more. Earning over 100 titles on her dogs and still going! Megan was also a member of the famous Super Dogs show for many years with her dogs. 

Megan has owned a variety of breeds over the years, including border collies, border terriers, chihuahua, jack russels, rottweiler and an Australian shepherd.  Her diverse dog pack gives her the advantage of personal experience with a wide range of dogs which Megan uses to help bring out the best in her student's dogs. 

Megan believes in continuing education and attends various seminars and clinics from respected trainers. Apart from dog hobbies, Megan also enjoys spending time on her acreage hanging out with her chickens and carting with her Miniature Horses.


  • 8th place overall at the 2016 AAC Alberta Regional Agility Championships
  • Super Dogs performer

Donia Roorda KPA CTP

Private lessons for pet manners and behaviour modification

Donia Roorda is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) as well as an International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants certified Trainer (IAABC). She’s also a certified Trick Dog Trainer!

She really values continuing education and participates in classes, seminars, conferences, workshops, webinars and more on an ongoing basis.

With her own dogs, Donia actively trains and competes in agility, obedience, tricks, rally, and nose work, and dabbles in tracking.

Sarah Novak

Tuesday Evening and Wednesday Morning Agility Instructor

Sarah Novak has been involved with a large variety of dog sports for 20 years, but her passion has always been Dog Agility. Sarah has been lucky to have trained with many amazing mentors and coaches over the years to help her stay motivated and current with dog training. She has worked with Susan Garrett, Zelijko Gora, Tomas Traj, Justine Davenport, Jessica Patterson, Saskia Vansteelant, Lynda Orton-Hill and many more.

Her own dogs have had many drive levels and challenges which keeps her wanting to learn more, and gives her the personal experiences to better help her students.  Sarah has a keen eye for each individual dog and handler, and focuses on getting the best out of each unique team. Relationship is key, and the rest can be built through motivational games, FUN, and consistency in training. She truly believes that every dog has potential!

Sarah has competed regionally, nationally and internationally on several occasions.  Sarah and her Jack Russell Terrier, Fitz, will be heading to their 5th world championship in 2021. Sarah and her various teammates (Jack Russell Terrier, Border Collie and a Flat-Coated Retriever) have won 5 Regional competitions, a National Championship and have had many podium placings Nationally over many years she has competed in the sport.

Sarah currently has three dogs Fitz (JRT), Freya (Border Collie) and her young dog Tula (PRT).


  • 5 time IFCS Agility World Team member for team Canada
  • 5 time AAC Regional Agility Champion
  • AAC National Agility Champion
  • Multiple podium placements in AAC and UKI Agility