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Hyper Hounds EVENTS!

Seminars, Workshops and Fun Matches

Class/Seminar/Events Registration Calendar

Below you will find a list of upcoming mini workshops, fun matches and full weekend seminars for a variety of activities. Use the button above (Class registration calendar) to register for events

Two Agility Fun Matches

Date: Monday, December 21 *cancelled, will reschedule soon*

Jumps and Tunnels 5:45pm-7:30pm


Steeplechase 7:45pm-9:00pm *FULL*

$20+tax for three runs (separate registration required for jumps & tunnels and steeplechase)

Test your skills in a fun match environment!   The jumps and tunnels course will have an easy path and a difficult path as options. Jumps and tunnels only will be used. Recommended that dogs have completed level 2 to attend.

Steeplechase will have a set of weave poles. Dogs should be weaving and doing a full Aframe to attend.

Treats and toys are allowed and encouraged!

Dogs need to be ok waiting their turn in a kennel.  

It is required that participants wear masks while walking the course and waiting their turn to run. Masks can be removed when running the course.

Novice Snooker Workshops

2 hour workshop *FULL*



          Saturday, January 2 from 3:30pm-5:30pm

Are you new to the game of Snooker or want to improve your skills and strategy? If yes, this workshop is for you!

Rules of the AAC game of Snooker will be covered. We will also cover strategies for course plannig, walking and handling.

Dogs should be proficient on all equipment.  Weaves poles will not be included in the set up (so dog's do not need to be weaving to attend)

Masters Snooker Workshop

2 hour workshop 



          Saturday, January 2 from 6:30pm-8:30pm

A snooker workshop with masters/international level challenges!

One Jump Workshop

3.5 hour workshop *Cancelled, will be rescheduled soon*



          Monday, December 14 from 6:00pm-9:30pm *FULL*


          Friday, December 18 from 9:30am-1:00pm

Tight on training space? No problem! The one jump workshop will give you and your dog 20+ exercises to keep you busy through the winter.  Skills include lead outs, wraps, k turns, body awareness, distance skills, serpentines, threadles, backsides and more! 

Video links for all the skills are included in the workshop!  

Taught by Kim Boyes

Jessica Patterson

Agility Coaching Workshops

March 19-21 2021

Details coming soon

Jessica's Bio

Jessica has been named as someone to watch on the World level in agility. She is a highly skilled and talented competitor and has several impressive accomplishments under her belt. Jessica and Trix placed 5th overall at the 2014 FCI World Championships in Luxembourg, won both the Pentathlon and Biathlon at the 2015 World Agility Open Championships in the Netherlands, won the 2015 European Open in Germany and was 2nd with Lux in individual jumping at the 2018 & 2019 AWC. Jessica has represented Canada at 18 world events.

$210+tax per session.

Working spots are paid for directly on the registration calendar at the link below.

Or phone in a credit card to 587-888-0359

All the sessions are different from each other. Participants are welcome to register for more than one session

Registration Calendar

Puppy/Young Dog Session *FULL*

Friday, November 6



Held at Hyper Hounds facility

Skill Proofing Drills *1 spot left*

Dogs need to have understanding of threadles, backsides and serpes to attend

Friday, November 6



Held at Hyper Hounds facility

Masters Handling  *FULL*

Saturday, November 7


held at a heated arena approximately 14 km west of Okotoks

Starters/Advanced Handling *FULL*

Saturday, November 7


held at a heated arena approximately 14km west of Okotoks

International Handling *FULL*

Sunday, November 8


held at a heated arena approximately 14km west of Okotoks

Scent Detection Trial Prep

CWAGS rules



Order will be:  Level 2, Ranger (distance game) L1, Ranger  L2

3 searches for $20+tax 

Odours: Birch, Cypress, Clove

CWAGS style searches.  Feedback given on searches. $20 for the three searches. Register by clicking the class registration calendar button above

Hosted by Kelly Ladouceur, CKC, AKC and CWAGS scent detection judge and/or Amie Barnes