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Hyper Hounds EVENTS!

Seminars, Workshops and Fun Matches

 Agility Junior Handler Workshop

Date: Saturday, April 22



An agility workshop just for kids! Agility skills and short handling sequences will be taught.

For children ages 7-15.

Dogs should have completed minimum level 2 to attend.

Junior Handler Registration

 Workshops By Bark Side

Trick Dog Workshop 

Date: Saturday, April 1 at 2:45pm    FULL


Teach your dog a variety of fun tricks that will impress your friends! Tricks can also be used towards attaining your Trick Dog titles with Do More With Your Dog & the CKC!

This intense workshop will include tricks like:

  • Spin
  • Wave/High 5
  • Foot Targeting (used to teach your dog to hit buttons, close doors etc.)
  • Leg Weaving
  • Back Up
  • Sit Pretty
  • Paws on Human Feet (dog between human legs)
  • Jump over/through Arms and Legs
  • Roll Over/Play Dead
  • Scoot (Turn around and back up between human legs)

Trick Dog Registration

Canine Performer Workshop 

Date: Saturday, April 1 at 5:00pm 2 spots left


You and your dog will learn more advanced stunt dog style tricks in this workshops.  We will also discuss how to put together a canine freestyle routine and how to show off all those party tricks!

This intense workshop will include tricks like:

  • Orbit around the Handler
  • Head Turn
  • Back Stall
  • Foot Stall
  • Rebound
  • Handstand on Wall
  • Play Shy
  • Say your Prayers
  • Dog Catch

Prerequisite: Dogs should have a good understanding of the majority of the tricks taught in the Tricks workshop to attend the Canine Performer Workshop.

Check out the Bark Side at

Canine Performer Registration

Cooperative Care Workshop


Date: Tuesday, April 25 



Does your dog struggle with visits to the groomer or veterinarian? Are regular tasks like brushing, nail trims or giving medication a struggle?

In this workshop you will learn the skills needed to teach your dog not only how to happily cooperate with the tasks but how to be an active participant in the exams.  Less stress for your dog and less stress for you!

Skills include:

Chin rests for exams and other tasks

Relax on their side

Accepting restraint

Nail trim skills

and more!

Taught by Donia Roorda

Cooperative Care Registration

Agility Regionals Info Session


Date: Sunday, April 2


Free for current Hyper Hounds students

$15+tax for non students.

Regionals Info Session Registration

CKC Scent Detection Fun Match


Novice CKC style hides

Date: Thursday, March 30

Group 1: 5:45pm FULL

Group 2: 7:30pm FULL

$25+tax for three searches (interior, exterior, containers)

Odour: Wintergreen

*please note, if the weather is bad we will run one container and two interior hides in place of the exterior hide.

Scent Fun Match Registration

CKC Competition Obedience Fun Match


Date: TBA

$16+tax per run




Novice Fun Match Registration

Open Fun Match Registration

Utility Fun Match Registration