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Below you will find a list of upcoming mini workshops, fun matches and full weekend seminars for a variety of activities. Use the button above (Class registration calendar) to register for events

Agility Fun Matches

Jumps & Tunnels Fun Match

Monday, February 17

10:00am-11:30am (FULL)

5:00pm-6:30pm (2 spots left)

$15+tax for two runs

Tunnellers Fun Match

Tuesday, February 18



$15+tax for two runs

Fun matches will have an easy path and a difficult path available to handlers. Treats and toys welcome.  Dogs must be comfortable waiting their turn in a kennel. Limited spots available


Problem Solving Hour and Video Marathon

Tricks Problem Solving

Wednesday, February 19


$35+tax for two runs

Need help progressing a certain trick?  Stuck on what step to take next with your new trick?  The trick problem solving workshop will help you troubleshoot a trick and move to the next step in your trick training.  This is a great opportunity to finish that trick for your video marathon at 8:00pm!

Trick Video Marathon

Wednesday, February 19



Ready to apply for your next Trick Title with Do More With Your Dog?  We will have a video marathon for those wanting help to video and submit their entries for a trick title.

Bring a recording device (phone, tablet, video camera, etc) and enough memory for your videos.  We will help you video your tricks in a large space and offer suggestions for your trick title submissions.

Meaghan O'Neill

Contact & Gamble Agility Workshops 

Saturday, February 15

Meaghan's Bio

Wynd took Meaghan to the height of the Agility World, making 3 consecutive WAO World teams, and IFCS teams twice as alternate. Wynd was the dog that took Meaghan to the next step to the World Stage, and Wynd gave it her all while there. But it was her daughter Snow Devyl that was born for it. At only 2 years old, Snow Devyl made her first World team, and has been on a team every year since. Now at only 5 years old, they have won a Total of 7 Medals to date for Team Canada at the IFCS World Agility Championships with no signs of slowing down.

Contact Proofing and Problem Solving

9:00am-1:00pm *FULL*


Meaghan will work with each participant individually to address agility contact issues and improve performance. Proofing and problem solving contact behaviours for dogwalks, aframe and teeter. Stopped and running contacts will be addressed.

Advanced/Master Gambles

2:00pm-6:00pm *2 spots left*


Meaghan will challenge the participants with a variety of gamble sequences. Handling choices, lines, cuing and timing will all be discussed.

Jessica Patterson

Agility Coaching Workshops

March 27-29 (March seminar opens for registration on February 3 at 9:00am)

May 16-18

Jessica's Bio

Jessica has been named as someone to watch on the World level in agility. She is a highly skilled and talented competitor and has several impressive accomplishments under her belt. Jessica and Trix placed 5th overall at the 2014 FCI World Championships in Luxembourg, won both the Pentathlon and Biathlon at the 2015 World Agility Open Championships in the Netherlands, won the 2015 European Open in Germany and was 2nd with Lux in individual jumping at the 2018 & 2019 AWC. Jessica has represented Canada at 18 world events.

March details:

$200+tax per session.

Working spots are paid for directly on the registration calendar at the link below.

Or phone in a credit card to 587-888-0359

$60+tax to audit a session (free auditing if you have a working spot in a session)

Use the paypal button below to purchase the audit option or phone in a credit card to 587-888-0359

All the sessions are different from each other. Participants are welcome to register for more than one session

Registration Calendar

Skill Proofing Drills

Friday, March 27


Held at Hyper Hounds facility

Starters/Advanced Handling  

Friday, March 27


Held at Hyper Hounds facility

International Handling 

Saturday, March 28


held at a heated arena approximately 14 km west of Okotoks

Masters Handling   (FULL)

Saturday, March 28


held at a heated arena approximately 14km west of Okotoks

Masters Handling (2 spots left)

Sunday, March 29


held at a heated arena approximately 14km west of Okotoks

Starters/Advanced Handling    (FULL)

Sunday, March 29


held at a heated arena approximately 14km west of Okotoks 

Purchase audit session for Jessica Patterson ($60+tax)

Scent Detection Trial Prep

Valentines Themed! 

Friday, February 14  *2 spots left*


Order will be:  Level 1, Ranger (distance game), Level 2

3 searches for $20+tax 

Odours: Birch, Cypress, Clove

CWAGS style searches.  Feedback given on searches. $20 for the three searches. Register by clicking the class registration calendar button above

Hosted by Kelly Ladouceur, CKC, AKC and CWAGS scent detection judge and/or Amie Barnes